DMIS plugin- notes analyzer tool

You can use report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER to check whether all necessary SAP Notes are installed. To do this, the system identifies the latest version of the central SAP Note for the relevant product. Next program match this informations with Your system components and and propose appropriate notes to implement. You should regularly apply OSS notes to solve bugs in Your system.

The DMC note analyzer program is delivered with SAP note: 2596411 – SLT / NZDT / S4HANA Migration Cockpit (DMIS2011 SP11-SP15; DMIS2018; S/4HANA 1610, 1709 & 1809) – Note Analyzer.

To start program DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER run transaction: SE38. On the start screen choose scenario suitable for You:

Now run the program.

After you choose Execute, the system lists the SAP Notes that need to be installed. To install an SAP Note, click the relevant row. The report opens transaction SNOTE, where you can install the SAP Note. If the list is empty, then all required SAP Notes are already installed.

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