SAP HANA – Prefetch timed out error

When You run a replication task or an activity of large tables in HANA Smart Data Integration sometimes You receive below error:

[119944]{352621}[136/-1] 2021-XX-09 09:55:04.182041 e MonitorView : Request for adapters' configuration for agent : 'AGENT_NAME' failed with error : 
[115205]{350872}[146/-1] 2021-XX-09 09:57:05.163932 i TraceContext TraceContext.cpp(01269) : UserName=USERNAME, ApplicationUserName=USERNAME,,, StatementHash=b04ef094eb43b5643057befc019e3123, StatementExecutionID=844438624279623
[115205]{350872}[146/-1] 2021-XX-09 09:57:05.163917 e DPAdapterManager AdapterManager.cpp(04668) : ::sendMessage: Prefetch timed out.
[115205]{350872}[146/-1] 2021-XX-09 09:57:05.164020 e FedTrace DPAdapterAccess.cpp(02401) : DPAdapterAccess::ExecuteQuery: failed with error: Prefetch timed out.

Above error You can find in indexserver traces.


You can increase prefetch value to 15 mins by this SQL:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('dpserver.ini', 'SYSTEM') SET ('framework', 'prefetchTimeout') = '900' WITH  RECONFIGURE;

 In this example, 900 means 900 seconds, i.e. 15 minutes.

You can also disable the prefetch but it has consequences. SAP tells:

If you chose to disable prefetch, this will slow down the initial load. No other SAP HANA effect is expected.

Numerous issues with prefetch which have now been resolved with latest HANA releases ( So best is to upgrade.

Just in case how to disable prefetch:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('dpserver.ini', 'SYSTEM') SET ('framework', 'usePrefetch') = 'false' WITH  RECONFIGURE;

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