SAP HANA – some _SYS* users are deactivated

Today’s question… Some _SYS users in HANA 2.0 system are deactivated. This is normal situation??

_SYS_AFL               LOCAL    ?                SYSTEM 
_SYS_EPM               LOCAL    ?                SYS    
_SYS_PLAN_STABILITY    EXTERNAL ?                SYS    
_SYS_REPO              LOCAL    ?                SYSTEM 
_SYS_SQL_ANALYZER      LOCAL    ?                SYS    
_SYS_STATISTICS        LOCAL    ?                SYS    
_SYS_TABLE_REPLICAS    EXTERNAL ?                SYS    
_SYS_TASK              LOCAL    ?                SYS    
_SYS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY   LOCAL    ?                SYS    
Sample _SYS* users


Yes, this is a normal situation. _SYS_* users are technical users which means You can’t simply log on with these users. You can find more information about this in the following KBA: 1966219 – HANA technical database user _SYS_REPO cannot be activated.

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