SAP PO – FCAException: Cannot get OutBuffer: -7

While sending large number of messages from external Java system (SOAP ) to SAP ISU system (IDOC)  through SAP PO, messages get stucked in Delivering status (while sending IDOC)

 This causes that SAP PO is not able to handle any new requests.

New requests to SAP PO are getting the following error:

"Error: Error while postponing connection to queue 20010002 "POQ_11_117246850_HTTP_WAIT": -3 no more memory for FCA"

How to resolve problem?

You need to increase the below parameter:


How to verify MPI status?

You should log to ICM in Java. For example use below link:

http://hostname:5XX00/sap/admin/public/default.html, where XX is Your instance number. Here You can find MPI status:

In Parameters You can find Your current mpi/total_size_MB value.

Useful note:

2276273 – AS Java – How to identify the largest MPI buffer consumer by MPI dump.

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