SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – CIM and CR Content upgrade in SLD

This article describes the process of updating the CIM model and CR Content (Component Repository Content) in SLD (System Landscape Directory). But what is SAP CR Content? It is an integral part of SLD whereby SAP stores information about its components. This information is used, for example, by SAP Solution Manager to prepare the entire process of updating the SAP products, which we use. Therefore, SAP recommend use always the latest version of SAP CR Content.

Useful SAP note regarding this topic: 669669 – Update of SAP System Component Repository

How You can check the currently used version of the CIM and CR Content model. Log to SLD and then select: Administration -> Details -> Data tab:

SLD – CIM + CR Content version

The picture above shows that CIM is in the version: 1.6.57, while CR Content in the version: SAP_CR 16.0 (produced 2020-01-10).

Update process

To check the currently available version we have to go to the website:, then select the section: Support Packages & Patches -> -> letter C -> SAP CR CONTENT.

Choosing the right version of CR Conetnt

In my case, SAP CR Content is already in the 2020 version, therefore I choose link like in the picture above. The rule is that we always upload the latest version of the CIM model first – at the moment it’s the file: (download the file).

To update the CIM we go here:

Secondly, we upload the latest delta. In this case it will be the file: CRDelta161605_0-70005202.ZIP. The steps to execute are the same as above, ie. we select: Administration -> Import -> this time we indicate the file with the delta:

After importing, we check the SAP CR version once again. Now you can see a newer version, ie. SAP_CR 16.5 (produced 2020-06-02):

However, if Your version is older, e.g. from 2018- unfortunately You can’t immediately jump to 2020. Then You have to do it in the following steps:

  1. We enter SAP CR CONTENT 2018 – we choose the latest, most current version of the CIM model, ie. and additionally the latest version of CRDelta141612_0-80003581.ZIP. Next import all – steps like in the above pictures.
  2. After completed step 1, enter once again SAP CR CONTENT 2019. At this moment, we choose the latest version of the CIM model, i.e., and additionally the latest version of CRDelta151610_0-80004391.ZIP. Execute import – steps like in the pictures above.
  3. Now we can proceed to the update from the year: SAP CR CONTENT 2020.

*Update – 10.01.2021

You can download, e.g. Initial Full Import for SAP CR Content 2020

After import to SLD above CR content You’ll only have to upload the latest delta and CIM, e.g. at this moment:

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