SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Data Provider /SDF/E2E_SLT_INFO : No Data collected by the SLT Data Collector

SLT Metrics are grey in System Monitoring. You can observe below symptoms:

When You check problematic metrics details You may see an error like:

More details You can find in MAI_TOOLS transaction when You open the Alerting Framework. Find the extractor DPC PULL CORE with Extended Context = ST_PI for specific system like below:

In order to monitor SLT systems via System Monitoring one must follow the configuration documented in SAP Note 2081759 – Monitoring of SLT systems in Solution Manager using the System Monitoring application.

In this case, the problem concerns the is missing authorization objects assigned to the user who runs the Solution Manager Read RFC connection on the SLT system. You have to check the user stored in the Solution Manager’s read RFC (SM_<sid>CLNT<clnt>_READ) – here SID is Your SLT satellite system. When You known the user then log to You SLT system and check transaction SU53 for him.

The above authorizations must be assigned to the user in the SLT system.

After that, everything should start working – both exctrator like on below screen and metrics in system monitoring.

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