SAP SSO – known errors and their solutions

While configuring SAP SSO, I encountered various errors. Here they are described together with the solutions:


2304831 – Programs fail after CCL 8.5 is installed


Problem with environment SNC_LIB. In place of:


should be:

SNC_LIB=C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SecureLogin\lib\sapcrypto.dll


sapgenpse seclogin -p SAPSNCSKERB.pse -O SIDADM


Check notes: 2044027 – No logon ticket created after SPNego logon (ABAP)

Additional replace sapgenpse with a newer version. Details in the note: 1848999 – Central Note for CommonCryptoLib 8 (replacing SAPCRYPTOLIB)

Regenrate files *.PSE using the new sapgenpse and check transaction: SECSTORE


We’re using the wrong library. Instead of we should use


Secstore (Secure Storage -> transaction: SECSTORE) had wrong passwords for SPNego. You should once again enter the correct passwords in SPNEGO transaction.


Check note: 2345858 – SAP SSO Fixes for Secure Login Client 3.0 SP 00 Patch 02

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