STAT files grow too large

If Your configuration is bad You can observe the STAT files in the DIR_DATA directory start growing to very large sizes. For example each stat file could be hundreds of MB or more.  This can start filling up the file system. Below You find solution and you will be able to control this problem


To control stat files, you can do, e.g.:

  1. To reduce the size of the stat files, the number of RFC subrecords can be reduced by setting the profile parameter ‘stat/rfcrec = 1′ (The default value of stat/rfcrec is 5). For more information check Note: 1964997 – ST: Enhancement of kernel statistics for RFC subrecords
  2. You can also reduce the number of stat files and therefore the overall size of your statistics files by reducing stat/max_files and stat/as_max_files. For more information check Note: 6833 – Deleting statistics file, size of statistics file
  3. If You don’t need stat file more, deactivate functionality by setting parameter stat/level = 0 (default is 1).  You can do the same for application stats with stat/as_level = 0
  4. All the time You can delete Stats File. Use transaction ST03N. Under Expert mode, go to Collector and Performance DB > Statistics Records & File > Delete File. Double on the instance. Choose Dialog step to proceed with the deletion. For further information, you can choose to click on Info.

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