My name’s Rafal. I live in Warsaw (Poland). I have been dealing with SAP professionally since 2005. I have worked on various operating systems (SLES, RHEL, WIN…) and databases (ORA, HANA, Sybase, MaxDB…). I have several certificates like system administration, OS/DB migration or solution manager.

Currently, my duties include:

  • administrative support for various SAP modules,
  • homogeneous and heterogeneous system copy,
  • installation new SAP system, updating and upgrading of the existing ones,
  • SAP HANA – administration + SLT/SDI/SDA,
  • SAP Solution Manager – monitoring, configuration + CHaRM,
  • configuration and administration saprouter, werbdispatcher, content server,
  • SSO configuration,
  • performance and optimalization,
  • security – patching vulnerability,
  • etc.

More information about me You can find on Linkedin.

Thank You for visiting my blog, where in my free time I try to describe interesting cases from the life of SAP Basis Administrator. If You have any interesting ideas about what else could be found on the blog, let me know please – use the contact form on the website.

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