SAP Diagnostic Agent – install procedure

Diagnostics Agent (DA) SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent is the remote component of End-to-End Root Cause Analysis. It allows having a connection between SAP Solution Manager and the Managed System(s), and then to collect information from the Managed Systems for reporting purposes.

You should remember that per SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP14, all connected Diagnostics Agents must run on SAP JVM 8.1. Agents running older JVM versions will not be able to connect to the Solution Manager anymore. It is thus necessary to upgrade them beforehand. You have two possibilities:

  • Upgrade SAP JVM – procedure is described here.
  • Re-Install Diagnostics Agent – read procedure below…


To install DIagnostic Agent (DA) I’ll be use: SWPM (Software Provisioning Manager). Below You find all software we will needed:

  1. Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP33 (SWPM.SAR) – latest patch at the moment: Release 1.0 SP33, download file like: SWPM10SP33_0-20009701.SAR from this site.
  2. SAP Host Agent 722 (SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR on the Kernel Media) – latest patch at the moment: Release 7.22 SP54, download file like: SAPHOSTAGENT54_54-80004822.SAR from this site.
  3. SAP JVM 8.1 (SAPJVM8.SAR on the Kernel Media) – latest patch at the moment: Realase 8.1 SP84, download file like: SAPJVM8_84-80000202.SAR from this site.
  4. DIAGNOSTICS AGENT 7.53 (DIAGNOSTICSAGENT.SAR on the Kernel Media) – latest patch at the moment: Release 720 SP09, download file like: SMDA720_SP09_5-80003641.SAR from this site.
  5. SAPEXE_***.SAR – recommended kernel version is: 753. Latest full patch at the moment is SAPEXE_900-80002573.SAR, download from this site.

All downloaded files put to one folder, e.g. XXXX

Now we can start with installation. To install DA we’ll needed root privileges or below switch:

cd /usr/sap/SDAgent/SWPM10/SWPM10SP33



INFO       2022-01-28 08:37:46.430 (root/sapinst) (SLPCommunicator) [SLPMonitoringStatemachine.cpp:1402]


Open your browser and paste the following URL address to access the GUI


Logon users: [username]


If You think about upgrade Diagnostic Agent – there is no needed. DA update their business logic (coding) from the SAP Solution Manager system to which they are connected.

Notice. Our agent which we installed before is non-authenticated in SAP Solution Manager. It also in version 720.09. You should use two buttons: “Trust Agent(s)” and “Update Agent(s)”. After that You’ll use this agent in Your environment.

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