SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – possible errors during activating projects in CHaRM

In the below article I will describe the errors I encountered while working with CHaRM in SAP Solution Manager and I will present to You their solutions.

ChaRM -> Change Request Management

SAP ChaRM is a tool delivered with SAP Solution Manager that manages activities performed during a change in design and testing the procedure to move from final promotion to the production system. It allows you to track
change requests and transport requests in the change management system across the entire business solution.

Discussed list of errors :

  1. “Make an entry in field ‘Configuration Item'”.
  2. Transport track of source system SID~ABAP/XXX does not include a production system”.
  3. No consolidation system” lub “No export system“.

Solutions for above errors

1. Error: “Make an entry in field ‘Configuration Item’

When You try create RfC and select a specific project, You can observe that ‘Configuration Item’ not appear automatically.

SM72 – create RfC

In transactiion IB53 You can observe missing an entry for our SAP instance- exactly entry for Extened Sytem ID is empty. You should add a missing entry in transaction LMDB for Your system – append “Installation Number“, e.g.

LMDB transaction

After saving the “Installation Number”, we verify once again whether an entry appeared in the IB53 transaction. Now you can see that – he wasn’t there before:

After the above correction – “Configuration Item” in RfC is now displayed correctly.

2. Error: “Transport track of source system SID ~ ABAP / XXX does not include a production system

You can sometimes observe above error during create the task:

SM72 – create task list

It turns out that the transport path for a specific SID system (from the screen above) has no set delivery to the production system – this should be corrected in the STMS transaction in the specific transport domain: DOMAIN_SID

STMS – transport path
STMS – add target group

After adding the production system to the target group (above picture), You should save the changes and distribute them to all systems. It’s important that the above transport domain is also connected to the SAP Solution Manager as Domain Link.

After all these changes, the task list can be created without any problems.

3. Error: “No consolidation system” lub “No export system

In this case, you must verify that:

  • transport paths are correctly defined from the development system, through the test to production system. Pay attention to appropriate target groups + deliveries between systems. Run STMS transaction (in corresponding transport domain);
  • in LMDB transaction – the tab: “Transport Domain” in the column: “Extended System Id” are assigned the appropriate systems. If necessary, add these entries;
  • is correctly assigned: “Logical Component Group” for the given system. See transaction: LMDB -> technical system -> SID of the system

After completing and checking the above steps, the error “No consolidation system” or “No export system” should disappear.

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