SAP S/4HANA Simplification Item Check

If Your intent is to support the scoping and planning of either the conversion from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA or the upgrade from one SAP S/4HANA product version to another SAP S/4HANA product version – You must be interested in SI-Check.

How to do

1. Start the report /SDF/RC_START_CHECK in transaction SA38.

2. In the section Simplification Item Check Options, choose the target SAP S/4HANA version.

3. Choose the mode in which you want to run the checks:

  • In online mode: The results are displayed immediately after the check is finished.
  • As a background job: SAP recommends this option if the check will need a long running time.

4. Run the checks to get an overview of all simplification items and then check the system consistency with -> Check Consistency for All.

5. Check the results

The report returns a list of relevant and irrelevant simplification items. SAP recommends that You check every relevant simplification item for the impact it will have on your upgrade project.

For more information You can check here: 2399707 and 2502552.

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