Configuring SNC – encountered errors like “00024error during logon” and “An error occured while making a Remote Function Call”

In the last article, I wrote about how to configure SNC in ABAP environment. At the end of this article, I promise that in the near future, I’ll describe the problems I encountered when testing the SNC connection. Below You’ll find a solution to resolve errors mentioned in the title.


To unique the above error You have to change the parameter ‘login/quiet_mode value from 1 to 0 in the target system. This is not a dynamic parameter, system restart is required.

When I changed parameter and restarted system I got another error during the connection test:

Whats happen?

Although you have two entries for your systems to use the SNC (transaction SNC0):

in fact, one of the systems has not saved correctly. Verify the table: SNCSYSACL:

You can see that for one of the systems in the table, HASH is missing (empty) in the field: HNAME.

You have to delete in the transaction SNC0 system which HASH is missing and next add the system once again. Don’t remember save configuration. Now when You check once again table SNCSYSACL everything will be OK and the connection test in SM59 will work properly.

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