SAP SDI – Data Provisioning Agent Installation on Windows

Following up on the last article, today will be a few words about DP Agent installation on system Windows. A similar installation looks on Linux.

For more information on the product look here. Software to download You’ll find it here.

Unzip the installation file and next run hdbsetup.exe

Now choose update or install new SAP HANA Data Provisioning Agent:

Specify the installation properties:

Check Windows service:

Now You can configure the Data Provisioning Agent. Run:

C:\usr\sap\Agent_Name\bin>agentcli.bat --configAgent

DPAgent Configuration Tool
1. Agent Status
2. Start or Stop Agent
3. Agent Preferences
4. Remote Source Credentials
5. SSL Keystores & Settings
6. Configure DPAgent HTTP(S) Proxy Authentication
7. SAP HANA Connection
8. Agent Registration
9. Adapter Registration
10. Custom Adapters
11. Agent & Adapter Versions
q. Quit
b. Back
Enter Option:

Configuration is very simple. I wrote a few sentences about this in an earlier article.

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