SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – secure storage link broken

In last time I had problem in transaction SOLMAN_SETUP. Exactly in Managed System Configuration in step: Maintain RFCs. Without any problem I displayed all available RFC connection but if I only clicked specific connection I was getting error as below…

Error after clicking on a specific client

In transaction ST22 You can find below information:

This error is related to a client copy or a change of the license key, that would result in secure storage entries change. SAP Note 816861 should be applied so that secure storage migration is carried out: this should re-establish the link between generic storage and secure storage. However, if migration does not work or the error messages stated above still persist in SOLMAN_SETUP, then the solution described below should be applied.


Run the transaction SE38, and execute the program RAGS_SISE_GS_DEL_INVALID_PWD. This report checks all the configurations stored in generic storage and deletes the password values for which the link to secure storage was broken. It does a full scan of generic storage master table, therefore it can take time to restore all configuration data.

After that, the page loads correctly:

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