sapcontrol: FAIL: HTTP error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

You try start SAP instance and receive below error:

starting SAP Instance ASCSxx
Startup-Log is written to /home/xxxadm/startsap_ASCSxx.log
/usr/sap/XXX/ASCSxx/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr xx -function Start
startup of Instance failed
See /home/xxxadm/startsap_ASCSxx.log for details

/usr/sap/XXX/ASCSxx/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr xx -function Start

FAIL: HTTP Error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized


  1. Stop SAP instance and cleanipc. Sometimes You will also need to kill old processes on sidadm.
  2. Go to /tmp directory and list all files like .sapstream5xx13 and .sapstream5xx14 on user sidadm. Make sure the permission/ownership is correct.
  3. Delete or change file name for above .sapstream* files, e.g. mv .sapstream5xx13 .sapstream5xx13.OLD
  4. Try run once again SAP instance.
  5. Now SAP instance should start correctly. You also will see a new .sapstream5xx13 and .sapstream5xx14 created in /tmp directory.

Useful SAP Note: 1565645 – SAP composite note: sapcontrol

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