SMON – how to use performance monitoring

Transaction /SDF/MON allows analysis of performance problems or general system monitoring. Below You find short information how to use this tool.


Execute transaction /N/SDF/MON in any client and click Schedule New Monitoring 

The Snapshot Monitoring options:

  1. Description
  2. Timeframe of analysis
  3. Interval in Seconds: Time between snapshots
  4. Restrict Size: Monitoring will stop once the size of the analysis reaches this value
  5. Content Switches: Determine which information to collect/monitor.
  6. Servers: Determines the servers for which content will be collected. If left blank, content will be collected for all servers

Click the Execute button to save the Snapshot Monitoring settings

Another posibility is to use daily monitoring. New analysis will be created for each day as long as you declare it or don’t deactive the option yourself.

To use daily monitoring You have to run transaction: /N/SDF/MON -> Schedule New Monitoring and here choose:

Above options are similar to snapshot monitoring options. The most important I have highlighted above. Remember SAP recommends keeping Daily Monitoring on 24/7 to aid in the analysis of past performance and resource problems.

To start daily monitoring press F8 (execute button).

After that You should see below two buttons which will allow You to change snapshot interval, timeframe, content switches, or deactivate Daily Monitoring.

How to analysis snapshots

More details about it You find here:

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