WF_LOG_* files in directory /sapmnt/SID/global

How to delete WF_LOG* files properly or how to cleanup WF logs in usr/sap/SID/sys/global directory? Answer for these questions You can find below.

WF_LOG stands for Workflow Log files.  It contains the full log data of each work item execution. The main symptom is creating many files in the file system in directory /sapmnt/<SID>/global with the name WF_LOG_*. The consequence of this situation can be filesystem reaches close to 100% utilization.

Why files were created? Probably You have activated one of below traces:

transaction: SWF_TRC
transaction: SWF_TRC


transaction: SCOT

How to delete the trace files 

Use the transaction SWF_TRC to delete any workflow trace files. However, SAPConnect (SCOT) still writes trace files to the file system and these will NOT SHOW in transaction SWF_TRC. So you need to delete them with report RSWTTR02 or directly from the file system at OS level.

transaction: SWF_TRC -> delete

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