E-mail and SMS stuck in SOST

Sometimes You can observe situations where the mail job (SAPCONNECT INT SEND) is active and running, but SM37 show no processing when it finishes. The same situation is true for SMS job (SAPCONNECT PAG SEND). All e-mails/SMS remain on the queue with “Waiting” status. In job log You can find message text like “A send process is already running for PAG/prio High“.

Transaction – SM37

What we can do

  1. Stop and delete all e-mails/SMS jobs in SCOT transaction – next verify all in SM37 (here should be no tasks).
  2. Check if there are any locks in SXDISP table, using SM12. This procedure is documented in SAP Note 855545.
  3. Schedule a new job using SCOT transaction.
Transaction – SCOT

4. At the end check queue in SOST transaction – now everything should be released.

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