How to resize PSAPTEMP tablespace in Oracle

Today will be shortly and practially. In few steps I’ll show You how to check and resize PSAPTEMP tablespace in Oracle.

How to check where temp files are located

select tablespace_name, file_name from dba_temp_files;

— How to add new temp file

alter tablespace TEMP add tempfile '/oracle/SID/sapdata1/temp_2/temp.data2' size 1800M reuse;
-- directory temp_2 have to exist.

— How to resize temp file

-- example 1
alter database tempfile '/oracle/SID/sapdata1/temp_1/temp.data1' resize 15G
-- example 2
alter database tempfile '/oracle/SID/sapdata1/temp_1/temp.data1' autoextend on maxsize 20G;

— How to check PSAPTEMP usage

Of course if You know thhe file location on OS – check there. You can also check DB02 transaction in SAP:

The same information You can find on Your favorite tool to management Oracle database, like for example TOAD for Oracle, SQL Developer, OEM or simply using SQL commands.

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