SAP PO – Semaphore error – e=28 semget No space left on device

In dev_icm trace sometime You can find error like:

[Thr 140216781395712] *** ERROR => e=28 semget(3110149,60,2016) (28: No space left on device) [evtux.c 298]
[Thr 140216781395712] *** ERROR => EvtOpen(9000) failed: 1 [mpixx.c 6185]
[Thr 140216781395712] *** ERROR => EvtRst: Inv. Event Handle = 0 [evtux.c 1206]
[Thr 140216781395712] *** ERROR => EvtRst(0) failed: 2 [mpixx.c 6192]
[Thr 140216781395712] *** ERROR => IcmConnInitBuffer: MpiCreate2 failed (rc=MPI_EEVT: Event flag error/11) [icxxconn.c 5665]


What’s happen – too low number of available semaphores on the system.

How repair it?

The limits for the sempahores and semapohre sets is controlled through the kernel.sem Linux parameter. At minimum it should be:

kernel.sem = 1250 256000 100 1024

Change above parameter in /etc/sysctl.conf. Activate changes by ‘sysctl -p‘.

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