LMDB – content repository update problem

In last time I tried update The SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database (LMDB) content repository (CR). Unfortunately I have encountered the following errors.

Category ABAP Programming Error
Application Component SV-SMG-LDB


Exception 'CX_LMDB_CR_CONTENT_CORRUPT' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere along the call hierarchy.


But from the beginning…

Check actual CR Content version in SLD (Administration -> Details -> Data)


In note 1939864 check HASH for Your CR Content, e.g.

HASH will be needed to find out whether the SAP CR Content is corrupt. We use to this purpose RLMDB_CR_CONTENT_HASHER report :

I see in job log overview below message:

As You see HASH is another than we expected. We have to repair LMDB.

Second check – SLD:

Here also HASH is another than we expected. In this situation we have to reapir SLD.


1. Repair SLD.

Click Namespaces in section Administration:

Next add temporary namespace:

As You see new temporary namespace is empty

We come back to Home – as You see now our namespace is sld/temp

Now enter here:

CR Content in our new namespace is empty. Now we have to import everything. All necessary informations search here.

We need to align the CR Content versions between sld/active and sld/temp


Now we can repair SLD.

Click: Administration -> Maintenance -> Repair Software Catalog

Click: Start Repair button

Now we can remove namespace sld/temp

At the moment SLD should be repaired.

2. Repair LMDB

To repair LMDB run in SE38/SA38 program: RLMDB_SAP_CR_REPAIR_LMDB

Check job in SM37 transaction:

Job log:

At the end once again we should check HASH for SLD and LMDB using the report: RLMDB_CR_CONTENT_HASHER.





LMDB has been fixed


Is possible to automatic download of the latest content from SAP Support Portal

Check this notes:

2756210 – Configuration of SAP Netweaver Download Service for LMDB Content import automation

2834711 – How to set up synchronization without an SLD in Solution Manager 7.2 system as of SP09

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