Oracle – Archiver error: ORA-00257

Sometime the archiver process received an error while trying to archive a redo log. You can see error: ORA-00257. The most likely cause of this message is the destination device is out of space to store the redo log file or some reason archiver is disabled.


First check archiver – is it enabled??


SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Wed Mar 30 18:52:44 2022
Copyright (c) 1982, 2020, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Enter user-name: sys as sysdba
Enter password:

Connected to:
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

SQL>archive log list;
Database log mode Archive Mode
Automatic archival Enabled
Archive destination /oracle/SID/oraarch/SIDarch
Oldest online log sequence 56584
Next log sequence to archive 56587
Current log sequence 56587

If archiver is not enabled – how to run it

Connected to:
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

SQL> shu immediate
Database closed.
Database dismounted.
ORACLE instance shut down.
SQL> Startup mount;
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 2818572168 bytes
Fixed Size 8900488 bytes
Variable Size 1409286144 bytes
Database Buffers 1392508928 bytes
Redo Buffers 7876608 bytes
Database mounted.

Database altered

SQL> alter database open;

-- Verify:
SQL> archive log list;

-- To disable archivelog use command: SQL> database noarchivelog;

The space is sufficient – how to check it?

We known that archiving is enabled and now we have to find archive destinations…

-- check parameter:
SQL> show parameter db_recovery_file_dest;

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
db_recovery_file_dest string /oracle/SID/oraarch
db_recovery_file_dest_size big integer 300G

The next step in resolving ORA-00257 is to find out what value is being used for db_recovery_file_dest_size, use:

SQL> select name, floor(space_limit / 1024 / 1024) "Size MB", ceil(space_used / 1024 / 1024) "Used MB" from v$recovery_file_dest order by name;

Size MB Used MB
---------- ----------
307200 1183


-- Similar information You can get from OS using command: df -h |grep oraarch

You may find that the SPACE_USED (Used MB) is the same as SPACE_LIMIT (Size MB), if this is the case, to resolve ORA-00257 should be remedied by:

  • Add more space to the mount where the logs are going (resize filesystem on OS).
  • Take a backup of the logs via RMAN or other external backup system, e.g. Networker.
  • Move the archivelog location to another mount/drive/location temporarily while you do one of the above -> (SQL>alter system set LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_.. = ‘location=/Archivelog_New_Path‘;)
  • Delete the archivelogs if we don’t need the ability to restore the database:
oracle>rman target /

RMAN>list archivelog all;
RMAN>delete archivelog until time 'SYSDATE-1'; -- older than 1 day
RMAN>delete archivelog until time 'SYSDATE-4/24'; -- older that 4 hours
RMAN>delete archivelog until time 'SYSDATE-10/1440'; -- older than 10 minutes
RMAN>delete force archivelog until time 'SYSDATE-1/24'; -- force delete older than 1 hour
RMAN>delete archivelog all; -- delete all archive log
RMAN>delete noprompt archivelog all; -- delete all archive log without prompt
RMAN>crosscheck archivelog all; -- crosscheck

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