Transport management system – “WARN is already in use (), I’m waiting 5 sec”

When you perform a transport, the following warning message appears repeatedly in the SLOGyyww.<SID> file in the directory $transdir/log file:

WARNING:<file> is already in use (#n), I’m waiting 5 sec (<tmstp>)



  1. Delete the semaphore file,then the transport will continue work – You can do this from OS level or from STMS transaction (delete process with import).
  2. Check obsolete entries in the table TRBAT or TRJOB – delete entries according to Your transport.
  3. Check and if necessary kill old tp processes on OS level.
  4. At the end delete file, which You found in SLOG* log file. Look at above screen – I have in mind file: SIDKK965980.XXX in catalog: …\sapmnt\trans\tmp folder.

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