Replace JRE to JVM for Willy Introscope Enterprise Manager 10.7

Your Willy Introscope Enterprise Manager in version 10.7 using Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You need to change environment to Java Virtual Machine (JVM). First make sure that the JVM used for the Willy Introscope version is correct. Here You find more information. For version 10.7 only Java 8 is supported.

To check which Java is used verify file:

server> /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope/Introscope_Enterprise_Manager.lax
-- Find parameter:

You can see that JRE is being used – we change this parameter to JVM.

Look below:

1. SAP JVM 8, it can be downloaded from this LINK.

2. Download: SAPJVM8_87-80000202.SAR – this version is the most up-to-date at the moment.

3. Unpack SAR file here: /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope/jvm

4. If CA Introscope Enterprise Manager is running, shut it down

./ stop

5. Backup and next update file: /usr/sap/ccms/apmintroscope/Introscope_Enterprise_Manager.lax

6. Change parameter to: =jvm/sapjvm_8/bin/java

7. Start the CA Introscope Enterprise Manager.

8. Verify in the Introscope log files that the CA Introscope Enterprise Manager is now started with the JVM that was configured in the above steps.

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