SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Focused Insight: No data available for some metrics

The problem concerns the Focused Insight (Operations Dashboard) and metrics related to SAP Landscape Transformation Replication system.

I have problem with below metrics:

  • Source system status,
  • Target system status,
  • Maximal Latency Time of the Last 24 Hours,
  • Configured Number of Load Jobs,
  • Table Number in Error State,
  • Trigger Active Status.
Focused Insight – Operations Dashboard

Problem analysis

Firstly You should update to the latest version content (transaction Solman_setup / Application operations / System Monitoring / Step 2.7). At the moment I have 720 SP14 (SAP Generated Content at 14 February 2022). How to manually update the content refer to KBA 2483216 – How to update content manually for Solution Manager.

Step 2.7 – Update Content

Finally, please reassign the template then click ‘Apply and Activate’ button (perform SOLMAN_SETUP / Application Operations / System Monitoring / Step 5 select MO / Step 6 run Apply and Activate). Now, check if this issue has been resolved.

If the metrics still are unavailable, please try the resolution step 1 – 11 of KBA 2901071 Banned Data Provider E2E_SLT_INFO Causing Grey Metrics

Banned Data Provider

It is also worth paying attention to assigned template. In my case I used wrong template, i.e. SAP SLT(DMIS <= 2011 & S4CORE <= 102). I change it for SAP SLT (DMIS >= 2018 & S4CORE >= 103). In case the template couldn’t be removed/changed correctly, please as per the section B of KBA 2227586 to delete the managed object. Then, reassign the correct template.

In my case all above steps were insufficient. The Solution Manager relies on the SLT Health Check job (/1LT/IUC_HEALTH_C) for the status results.  The SLT Health Check job should run every ~10 minutes, but the issue on SLT system was that the job was scheduled for a date/time in the past and never ran. I have released the job, it successfully ran and scheduled the next job.  The Solution Manager now have results for my SLT system – all metrics are available.

Useful notes:

2388809 – Prerequisites on investigating SLT problem and how to check STL data provider problem

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