SAP Data Services Management Console – “Schedule:NewSchedule316 Error:sh: /usr/bin/crontab: Permission denied” when schedule Batch Job

Today will be case from another SAP product. When I trying to activate SAP Data Services schedule in DS Management Console an error appears:

Repository:XXX Schedule:NewSchedule316 Error:sh: /usr/bin/crontab: Permission denied


The above error says that user does not have permission to access crontab on Linux server. Which user? Of course user, which is use it to startup Management Console (sidadm).

Try add Your sidadm user to /etc/cron.allow file. If file don’t exist – create it.

-># cat /etc/cron.allow

Additionally, add an entry in file /etc/group. Assign Your user to group: trusted.

-># cat /etc/group |grep trusted

Above solution should resolve error related to crontab.

In my configuration I still couldn’t scheduler Batch Job – I received another errors. But I’ll write about it in next week.

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