SAP HANA – rename system, part 2/2

Today we’ll continue the topic. I’ll write more about changing the SID of an SAP HANA System. Part one You can find here.

Important information:

An SAP HANA system has one SID for the system database and all tenants. Renaming a system changes the SID for the system database and all tenants.

Changing the SID

If your mount point includes the SID, create a new shared directory before renaming the host.

  1. Stop the SAP HANA system and sapstartsrv service
-- Stop HANA
>HDB stop
-- or if You prefer use sapcontrol command:
>/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapcontrol -nr <instance number> -function StopSystem

2. Login to the HANA database server as root and change directory:

cd /hana/shared/<SID>/hdblcm

If the mount point includes the SID, change to the SAP HANA resident HDBLCM directory of the target SID.

3. Execute the HDBLCM command.

-- Start rename_system action
./hdblcm --action=rename_system --source_sid=<current SID> --target_sid=<new SID>

-- If You need more help or options check:
./hdblcm --action=rename_system --help

4. Of course You can also start the graphical user interface tool. If the mount point includes the SID, and You have completed Step 1 then start:


and choose Rename the SAP HANA Database System option:

and in the next step Enter the new SID in the Target System ID field.

That’s all 😉

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