SAP HANA – rename system, part 1/2

SAP HANA system can be renamed by changing the system identifiers, like host names, SID and instance number. Below You find information how to do this…

Before we starting, remember:

System replication must be disabled before renaming the SAP HANA system. If You need to change system identifiers for a system that is set up for system replication, You must first disable system replication, then change the system identifiers on each host and finally re-enable system replication.

Today I’ll only cover two topics:

Rename system host

1. Login to the HANA database server as root and change directory:

cd /hana/shared/<SID>/hdblcm

2. Execute the HDBLCM command. Choose 9 (rename_system) to rename the SAP HANA database system.

hdblcm tool

or start the tool with the rename_system action like:

./hdblcm --action=rename_system --hostmap=<old host>=<new host>

-- If You need more help or options check:
./hdblcm --action=rename_system --help

3. Of course You can also start the graphical user interface tool:


and choose Rename the SAP HANA Database System option:

Change the Instance Number

Here we’ll be also use hdblcm tool.

Steps are similar to above. We run ./hdblcm tool and choose number 9 option (rename_system) or we start the tool with the rename_system action like:

./hdblcm --action=rename_system --number=<new instance number>

-- If You need more help or options check:
./hdblcm --action=rename_system --help

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