You have configured in Your HANA “E-mail Notification for Alerts”. How to do this You can find here. Although You correctly receive e-mail notifications in the indexserver logs, You can find information such as:

14778]{300824}[32/2705874786] XXXX-XX-16 06:22:55.547685 e STATS_SMTP SMTPClient.cpp(00202) : Binary semaphore timed out during wait
[14778]{300824}[32/2705874786] XXXX-XX-16 06:22:55.547993 e STATS_SMTP SMTPClient.cpp(00266) : error sending email [SMTPMail: (sender:, recipients:,, "Alert "Host CPU Usage" (id 5) on database SID of SID XX (hostname)", snapshot : XXXX-XX-16 05:18:55.0000000
Alert Name : Host CPU Usage
Rating : Ok
Details :
, exception 1: no.9001007 (StatisticsServerAsSQLScript/interfaces/smtp/SMTPClient.cpp:206) TID: 14778
Binary semaphore timed out
exception throw location:
1: 0x00007f7a91d718bf in StatisticsService::MailSenderCallback::semaTimedWait()+0x15b at Exceptions.cpp:23 (
2: 0x00007f7a91d71ab3 in


The error itself “Binary Semaphore timed out“, is related to semaphores waits. This is a thread state and due to the CPU issue that the alert references , this thread timed out.

These kind of alerts and errors come from configuration issues related to SMTP Server.

You should clarify the following issues:

  1. Are you using an external SMPT Server to send emails trough HANA
  2. To try to avoid this alert, from HANA perspective, please check the server is properly configured and should be working (check note 2133799 and note 2031635)
  3. Please check following documents for more information:

Maintaining SMTP Server Configurations“:

SMTP Configuration Details“:


-- 2133799 - Analyzing problems with delivery of e-mails for Alerts raised by the SAP HANA Embedded Statisticsserver checks
select count() from _SYS_STATISTICS.STATISTICS_EMAIL_PROCESSING where state='New'; 
delete from _SYS_STATISTICS.STATISTICS_EMAIL_PROCESSING where seconds_between(snapshot_id,now())>324*3600;

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