SAP SLT error, replication jobs stuck “in process”

Sometimes in SAP SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server) system You may encounter the problem mentioned in the title. What’s going on… Tables are stuck “in progress”, when number of stuck tables reaches max number of data transfer jobs whole replication stops working. Simple deactivate/activate solves the problem but after some time (few hours) problem occurs again.


You can perform the following steps per KBA 2684727 – SLT job stuck after RFC connection issue

  1. Deactivate all configurations
  2. Make sure all jobs starting with /1LT* are stopped in SM37 (If they do not stop they should be stopped manually)
  3. Reactivate all configurations

Sometimes above steps are insufficient. Then try SAP Note 2705353 – Release Information SLT – DMIS 2011 SP16 and DMIS 2018 SP01. This note lists the notes for the DMIS version under section 5 in the note. 

Remember… Each DMIS package has notes that are needed to be implemented so if You upgrade or update Your system then You would still need to implement notes.

You can run the report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER which will download the notes automatically (they would still need to be implemented). I wrote little more about this tool here.

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