SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – CDC (Cross Database Comparison) configuration

Generally CDC is a tool, which You use to compare data sources with a complex structure or hierarchy. You can do this across different systems to check whether the data in the source and target systems is consistent, for example, whether updates in the source system have been correctly replicated to the target system. 

Link to documentation:

CDC in SAP Solution Manager – source:

Key features of the CDC:

  • is available in versions SM71 and SM72 – SAP recommends using this functionality in version SM72, where the usage has been simplified and improved,
  • the ability to compare multiple tables in two source systems,
  • offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface to enter the data model,
  • offers the ability to save and reuse previously created comparison parameters and data models,
  • offers functionalities for saving and displaying comparison results,
  • allows you to split data in multiple blocks of configurable size.

CDC configuration:

  1. Before configuring the CDC functionality, SAP recommends implements in system latest version of the components: ST-PI and ST-A / PI. Of course, patches can be downloaded here:

2. Remember to activate the relevant services in the SICF transaction (click the right mouse button on the specific services and click the option: Activation):

  • WDA_DSWP_CDC_MAIN is mandatory for the main application,
  • WD_DSWP_CDC_ACF if you want to compare XML files from your local computer,
  • WDA_DSWP_CDC_GENERATION if you want to use mass generation of comparisons
  • WDA_DSWP_CDC_GROUP_M if you want to use comparison groups.

3. In the system, we should create / activate appropriate permissions. You can use, ready-made templates with roles, e.g.:

A. role SAP_CDC_OBJECT_MODELER – the user can develop data models (create / change / delete),
B. role SAP_CDC_INSTANCE_CREATOR – the user can create / change comparisons,
C. role SAP_CDC_INSTANCE_EXECUTER – the user can execute and reorganize specific comparison,
D. role SAP_CDC_INSTANCE_ANALYZER – the user can view the result of the comparison,
E. role SAP_CDC_ADMIN – full permissions to CDC
F. role SAP_CDC_DISPLAY – display permissions

Additionally, depending on the context in which the CDC tool is used, You have to remember about special authorizations. In this document I will focus on 3 types of sources: ABAP, SLT and ADBC.

If You modeling comparisons for ABAP, the following authorizations may be needed:

  1. On the SAP Solution Manager side:
  • Read RFC Connection to the remote system for access to the object dictionary.
  • Trusted RFC Connection to the remote system to generate extractors.

2. On the remote system (the role that contains the following objects is SAP_CDC_EXTRACTOR_GENERATOR):

  • Authorizations to objects
    • S_DEVELOP (for creating new function modules)
    • S_RFCACL (to use trusted connections)
    • S_RFC (remote execution of function modules)
SM72 – RFC connection to remote system

When You modeling comparisons for SLT, the following authorizations may be needed:

  1. On the SAP Solution Manager side:
  • RFC user for SLT towards Solution Manager (performing expert functions)
  • Authorizations to the S_RFC object (to execute remotely function modules)
  • function group DSWP_CDC_APP to all function modules: DSWP_CDC_GET *
  • recommended role assignment: SAP_CDC_INSTANCE_ANALYZER.

If You modeling comparisons for ADBC, e.g. Oracle database, HANA, the following authorizations may be needed:

  1. On the SAP Solution Manager side:
  • Authorization object: S_DBCON:
    • DBA_DBHOST is usually the name of the DB connection from the DBACOCKPIT transaction
    • DBA_DBSID (not used)
    • DBA_DBUSER (not used)
    • ACTVT Activity 71

Sample CDC configuration

To run the CDC tool we have several options, for example:

  1. We can use the following transactions:
    DSWP_CDC – embedded version in SAP GUI,
    DSWP_CDC_UI – browser version.

2. Another option is to run the tool from the Web UI level (you need the SAP_SMWORK_BPO role for the view below):

SM72 – transaction: SM_WORKCENTER

In the below example, we will compare the contents of the ADR6 table from the ABAP system with the same table in HANA system, which was earlier replicated to HANA using SAP SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server). So we run the tool:

CDC – main window
CDC – choice of comparison
CDC – maintain common parameters
CDC – select tables
CDC – maintain comparison details
CDC – maintain comparison group
CDC – review and submit
CDC – we start the prepared comparison
CDC – you can see that the process ended correctly (1) and that there are some differences in the table comparison (2)
CDC – summary

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