There are a limited amount of spool numbers in the spool system (These are defined in SPO_NUM object). These spool numbers are then reused for new spools after old spools are deleted.

If all spool numbers are used, then no new spools can be created and you will get SPOOL_INTERAL_ERROR (SPOOL OVERFLOW) errors. This will block all printing from the SAP system. Additional in SM21 transaction You can find information: “Spool is Full”.


How to check and resolve issue

  1. Check spool size:
select 'spool size [%] = ' || round(100b.ILE/a.TONUMBER) "Check" from sapsr3.nriv a, (select count() ile from sapsr3.tsp01) b where client=000 and object='SPO_NUM';

2. Solutions

You have two posibilities.

First. You can delete old spool requests. To do this, use SPAD transacation (look screen below) or program: RSPO0041.

SPAD transaction

Second. You can increase the amount of Spools that can be stored in the SAP system. Steps:

  • Log on to the 000 client of your SAP system.
  • Go to T-Code SNRO.
  • Enter the Object name as SPO_NUM and click on Execute.
  • Choose: Interval Editing.
  • Change Intervals:
  • Click on Save.
  • You can check all by executing the report RSPO_SHOW_SPO_NUM.

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