Sybase – SQL message: [ASE Error SQL712]

In transaction ST22 You probably can find information similar to below:

Database error text: “SQL message: [ASE Error SQL712][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]There is insufficient heap memory to allocate 36432 bytes. Please increase configuration parameter ‘heap memory per user’ or try again when there is less activity on the syst”

How to resolve

You have two posibilites – DBACockpit or iSQL.

  1. DBACockpit
    • run DBACOCKPIT t-code
    • go to “Database <SID>” tab
    • go to menu Configuration
    • choose option “Server Configuration”
    • open “Physical Resources” folder and then “Physical Memory” folder
    • click on “heap memory per user” and then click on “Change” button:

2. iSQL

isql -S<SID> -Usapsa -X
sp_configure 'heap memory per user', <new_value>

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