SWPM – problem with GID

Today few words about problem: “Group sapsys exists with GID 79, while the default profile /sapmnt/SID/profile/DEFAULT.pfl is owned by GID 201. SOLUTION: Change GID of group sapsys to 201 or remove the group acccount“. The problem occurred while using SWPM…



  1. List all files with GID 79
-- check specific catalogs or entire filesystem, e.g.
> find /hana -gid 79 -ls

2. Use command vigr to change /etc/group – replace GID for sapsys group from 79 to 201

3. Change GID 79 to 201 on directories from step 1

-- for example
> find /hana/ -gid 79 -exec chgrp -v -h sapsys {} \;

4. Check file permission in directory (below is correct)

> /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/hdb/mdc # ll
total 12824
-r-sr-x--- 1 root sapsys 9099424 Jan 24 2019 hdbmdcdispatcher

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