High Number of JOBLG Files – high disk usage

On filesystem You can check

-- JOBLG localization

-- check disk space usage - df command
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/sapvg-lvsapmntSID 20G 14G 4.7G 76% /sapmnt/SID

-- du command
server:sidadm 65> du -sh 100JOBLG/
12G 100JOBLG/

The same information You can check in SAP. Call transaction SP12 and go to the menu path TemSe Database > Memory Allocation The column. “Number of Bytes in File” is the data going to filesystem. At the very bottom it counts data by date, and even by hour for the current date of the report run.

SP12 – Memory Allocation

A high number of JOBLG files in the global directory are usually due to orphaned job logs. You can delete all orphaned job logs files using RSTS0043 or RSBTCDEL/RSBTCDEL2, for example:

SM37 – RSBTCDEL2 run job

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