SAP Solution Manager 7.2 -Automatic Distribution of License Data

In thise article I shorty describe one of the functionality of the job: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. I have in mind functionality automatic distribution of license data.

Beside above generally this report reads various categories of information from the SAP Support Portal and saves them locally in the Solution Manager, for example:

  1. Maintenance key data.
  2. System numbers of all known systems in transaction LMDB.
  3. The installation numbers of these systems and their short texts.
  4. Contact persons for these installations and their authorizations.
  5. Service types for the remote connection.
  6. SAProuters.


To download automatic licenses, you must meet several requirements:

  1. In SM72, transaction AISUSER – add suitable entry. It is necessary to have a valid S-User from the SAP Support Portal assigned.
  2. In SM72, transaction SM30 -> V_AISAPCUSTNOS – add suitable entry. You have to put here SAP customer number for which you want to download licenses.
  3. In SM72 You should schedule job: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT (program: AI_SC_REFRESH_READ_ONLY_DATA) on a user with appropriate permissions (point 1). When program REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT is executed it is automatically called next job: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_ (CONT.).
SM72 – SM37

4. In satellite system check SLICENSE transaction. In the screen below, you can see that the maintenance certificate has expired.

SLICENSE transaction

5. In satellite system run transaction: SDCCN. Here You should execute task: “Get License Data“.

SDDCN – satellite system

6. When task from point 5 was executed the appropriate license will be downloaded. Now You can check again SLICENSE transaction – You see all licenses are vaild.

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