SAP Solution Manager 7.2 -Automatic Distribution of License Data

In thise article I shorty describe one of the functionality of the job: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. I have in mind functionality automatic distribution of license data.

Beside above generally this report reads various categories of information from the SAP Support Portal and saves them locally in the Solution Manager, for example:

  1. Maintenance key data.
  2. System numbers of all known systems in transaction LMDB.
  3. The installation numbers of these systems and their short texts.
  4. Contact persons for these installations and their authorizations.
  5. Service types for the remote connection.
  6. SAProuters.


To download automatic licenses, you must meet several requirements:

  1. In SM72, transaction AISUSER – add suitable entry. It is necessary to have a valid S-User from the SAP Support Portal assigned.
  2. In SM72, transaction SM30 -> V_AISAPCUSTNOS – add suitable entry. You have to put here SAP customer number for which you want to download licenses.
  3. In SM72 You should schedule job: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT (program: AI_SC_REFRESH_READ_ONLY_DATA) on a user with appropriate permissions (point 1). When program REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT is executed it is automatically called next job: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_ (CONT.).
SM72 – SM37

4. In satellite system check SLICENSE transaction. In the screen below, you can see that the maintenance certificate has expired.

SLICENSE transaction

5. In satellite system run transaction: SDCCN. Here You should execute task: “Get License Data“.

SDDCN – satellite system

6. When task from point 5 was executed the appropriate license will be downloaded. Now You can check again SLICENSE transaction – You see all licenses are vaild.


If You have problem with renew licenses You should check note: 1280664 – in particular point 1. In this point we find answer for question: “Some of my systems are not automatically supplied with maintenance certificates. What is the reason for this?

Some details (answer):

Check and ensure the following points apply in the SAP Solution Manager system:

  • The system data is current. The system number (18 digits) is set for the systems in the system landscape (transaction LMDB, select the system, choose the “SAP Support Portal” tab).
  • The job REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT in the Solution Manager runs daily. The log does not deliver any errors with regard to license data requests.
  • You can use the report RAGS_MK_DISPLAY_FILE to check if the Solution Manager contains a license file for the system. The field SWPRODUCTNAME=Maintenance_### declares a maintenance certificate in this file.
  • The application log (TA SLG1) does not deliver any error for the object = SOLAR, subobject = AGS_MAINT_KEY.

Check and ensure the following points apply in the managed system (satellite system) that should contain the maintenance certificate:

  • At least the following software component ST-PI is installed in the system.
    SAP Basis 700: ST-PI 2005_1_700 Support Package 06
    SAP Basis 710: ST-PI 2005_1_710 Support Package 04
  • Transaction SDCCN is activated.
  • The “Maintenance Package” task in transaction SDCCN is scheduled daily and the log does not deliver any error concerning the retrieval or installation of the license file in SLICENSE. Check if the settings in transaction SDCCN of the managed system are correct. Choose “Goto -> Settings -> Task-specific”. On the screen displayed, choose “Maintenance -> Settings” and the “License Data” tab. The “Repeat every” value determines whether the license management in the “Maintenance Package” task or in the “Get License Data” task (as of ST-PI 2008) is actually carried out. Set the value to “1” -> “day(s)” (once a day). If the “Get License Data” tab page is no longer available, the system carries out the license management in the “Maintenance Package” task” each time the task is run.
  • You MUST make sure that the task “Refresh Sessions” is descheduled. This can prevent the retrieval process in the “Maintenance Package” task. The logic of the refresh session is executed implicitly in the maintenance package.

Note the following: When you have descheduled the “Refresh Sessions” task, it takes 24 hours until the maintenance certificates can be transferred successfully using the “Maintenance Package” task.

  • The RFC connection SM_<SID>CLNT<CLIENT>_BACK is available and is working (you can test this in transaction SM59). It has also been specified in transaction SDCCN (choose Goto -> Settings -> Task-specific -> RFC destinations -> Settings).

Other useful notes:

2404546 – Maintenance certificate not getting updated in managed system from Solution Manager

2476127 – No Maintenance cert for single system being distributed by SAP Solution Manager

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