How to change Transport request from Released to Modifiable

Below You’ll find short procedure for changing released transport into unreleased i.e; modifiable state.


  1. Go to SE38
  2. Execute the report RDDIT076

3. Give the released transport number and execute (F8)

4. Double click on the task number (request type Q) which You want unreleased and go to edit mode:

5. Next change status from “R” to “D” and save:

The same steps You should repeat for second request type – in this situation customizing request – (letter W). At the end Your screen should look like:

Now when You check above transport requests, for exmple in transaction SE09 they should be modifiable:

For some transport (again released), You can receive an error: Request <Request ID> has the invalid attribute EXPTIMESTAMP. In this case solution is very simple. You should  double click on the transport -> choose Properties tab -> below You’ll see “Attribute” column -> Select the row “EXPORT_TIMESTAMP” and delete that row -> Save all.

Now everything should be OK.

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