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SAP HANA Housekeeping using HANACleaner
SAP TREX 7.10 – update
SAP Universal ID – available
SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – BIMetric: no data found in BW (infoprovider 0CCMAW)
SAP HANA – reduce datavolume size

SAP TREX 7.10 – update

TREX is based on a client/server architecture. The client software is integrated into the application that uses the TREX functions, and allows communication with the TREX servers. The TREX servers execute the requests of the clients: They index and classify documents and respond to search queries.
TREX offers an ABAP and a Java client. This allows ABAP and Java applications to use TREX functions. ABAP and Java applications communicate with the TREX servers using different protocols and components.

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SAP HANA – reduce datavolume size

When You administrate SAP HANA, You often wonder about questions:
1. How can I reduce size datavolume?
Probably You deleted old: logs, traces and backups. You also RECLAIM DATAVOLUME. What else??

2. If You look at screens below, You see that:

  • One of them show that one datavolume use 96% of total size.
  • You wonder what’s happen if the total size will be have 100%?
  • Maybe You think HANA automatically will be use other datavolume (number 00002 or 00004)??
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