SAP Data Services – Access Server, error: (BODI-3016130)

In SAP Data Services Management Console You try add Acess Server connection information. Unfortunatelly during this operation You see error: “Access server servername:port is not available. If SSL protocol is used, the java keystore for the management console must contain the certificates for the access server.(BODI-3016130) -> screen below…

SAP Data Services Management Console
Error – … (BODI-3016130)

I found two notes: 1739270 and 1499749 but they didn’t help me resolve above issue.


In my case Access Server and Management Console are installed on different machines. Here is important information for You:

When you install SAP Data Services components on multiple machines, and each installation has its own root and intermediate certificate authority (CA) configuration, you must manually copy the trusted certificate files from one machine to all other machines.

Where I find correct certificates?

Trusted certificate files are root and intermediate CA certificate files. Trusted certificate files have a .crt extension, and are located in the …/ssl/trusted_certs folder. For example here: /usr/sap/SID/dataservices/ssl/trusted_certs

Important certificates:

  • DS_IntermediateCA_hostname_cert.crt
  • DS_Root_CA_hostname_cert.crt

If You know above informations, now You can follow the steps:

  1. Copy the trusted certificates from the Access Server to the Management Console host. For example use scp command.
  2. Run the following batch file on the Management Console host machine to refresh the \ssl\trusted_certs\jssecacerts keystore file: /usr/sap/SID/dataservices/bin/ This script import certificates to the keystore.
  3. Restart the web application server that hosts the Management Console.

Now You can try once again add Acess Server connection information. Should be ok:

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