SAP Netweaver – System Overview shows gray lights and Log Viewer displays error messages

You try see “System Overview” in SAP Netweaver in Availability and Performance tab. Unfortunately more metrics show gray lights – first of all You can see it in AS Java and Operating System area. Look at the picture below…

System Overview

In relation to the above situation in DefaultTrace You can observe the following error:


The Log Viewer tool on NWA displays the below error messages:

Log Viewer


Solution for all above issues is parameter: service/protectedwebmethods. More about this parameter You can read in Benjamins blog – here. Look also to this SAP Note: 927637.

In short, I propose set in DEFAULT.PFL profile file entry like:

service/protectedwebmethods = SDEFAULT -PerfRead -MtGetTidByName -UtilSnglmsgReadRawdata -J2EEGetProcessList -GetVersionInfo -ListLogFiles -ReadLogFile -ParameterValue

After change You’ll need to restart the sapstartsrv service. In some cases, You may have to explicitly stop all the services before you restart the whole cluster in order for above parameters to take affect.

The final result

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  • Well said, i proceeded as written. My case i have to stop sapsystem and service as well. It Workerd!!!!


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