SAP PO – NWA Logviewer doesn’t work

The Log Viewer tool on NWA displays the below messages

This usually happens after a kernel upgrade.

What we can do in this situation

1. add/edit the following line in the DEFAULT profile (/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL):

service/protectedwebmethods = DEFAULT

2. Alternative and more secure that point 1 is below change:

service/protectedwebmethods = SDEFAULT -GetVersionInfo -ListLogFiles -ReadLogFile -ParameterValue -J2EEGetProcessList -PerfRead -MtGetTidByName

3. Add the following line to the instance profile (/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<SID>_<INST>_<HOST>):

jstartup/service_acl = service:*; library:*; interface:*;*;*

4. Restart SAP instance and after that check once again Log Viewer tool.

Useful note:

1593532 – NWA Logviewer doesn’t work “Connection Refused”

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