SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – problem with Automatic Distribution of License Data

In last year I wrote about Automatic Distribution of License Data in Solman 7.2 – check here. Today an example from real life. According to You

  • the configuration looks good,
  • job: “REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT” and SDCCN procedure (GET LICENSE) are fulfilling,
  • the system number (18 digits) is correct in LMDB for Your satelite systems,

but still Your licenses aren’t renew and additional in SM_WORKCENTER -> License Management You can see column “Received Maintenance Certificate” in red:


1) Go to SM30 V_AISAPCUSTNOS – Select flag Gen. All for all customer numbers for which You need new licenses.

2) Apply all mandatory notes for Your SAP Solution Manager, e.g. SP12 according with master note 2966908 – Recommended corrections for VAR/CCC/Hosting customers

3) Wait next execution of “REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT” jobs (daily frequency). Sometimes You will see changes after two executions.

Now Your License Managemnt should look like this:

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