SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – System Monitoring Error: RCA_SETUP/SYSTEM_ID Item does not exist

I try configure monitoring for my SAP SLT instance in SAP Solution Manager:

  1. Transaction: Solman_setup
  2. Application Operations
  3. System Monitoring
  4. Step 6 Setup Monitoring 

When activating the configuration, I get the following error:

Error: RCA_SETUP/SYSTEM_ID Item does not exist

The reason is no proper configuration for my SAP SLT instance in Managed System Configuration in SAP Solution Manager:

Transaction Solman_Setup -> Managed System Configuration -> Select the managed system -> Configure System:

After complete above steps, especially step 4 (assign SMD Agent) and 7 (Execute the step for “Extractors Setup”). I executed all steps:

You should once again apply and activate templates in System Monitoring: Solman_Setup -> Application Operations -> System Monitoring –>  5 Define Scope <Extended System ID>  -> 6 Setup Monitoring -> Highlight All rows in the table -> Apply and Activate

Now everything should be OK, all main teamplates are green:

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