SAP Solution Manager – “No project found” error in CHaRM

During create new change in some project system inform me that “No project found”. The message started to appear to me after refreshing one of the systems in CHaRM landscape with production data.

No project found error

How to resolve?

  1. Check in Your satellite system transaction SPRO_ADMIN. If there is no project in your list where you create an incident in CHaRM You have to create it – see point 2 and 3.
SPRO_ADMIN transaction

2. After refreshing satellite system with producition data You have to rebuild RFC connection from Solman to satellite system. In Solman run: SOLMAN_SETUP transaction, next choose: Managed System Configuration -> Your SID system -> Configure System -> Look to point 3: “Maintain RFCs” and recrete the right client, e.g. 100

SOLMAN_SETUP transaction

3. In Solman 7.1 now You should once again create IMG Project. Run trunsaction: SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN, select the project for which you got the error, next choose: System Landscape -> IMG Project and


In Solman 7.2 You have to verify configuration in Your Change Control Management and correct errors if necessary. Run transaction: SM_WORKCENTER -> choose Change Management tab -> choose Administration Cockpit. Now select Your right task list and push the button: “CHeck configuration”.

How You see I have to correct authorization in my satellite system for specific RFC destination. That’s all.

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