SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Focused Insight – troubleshooting, part 4/4

In last time I wrote about installation Focused Insight (here), configuration (here) and creating Your first dashboard (here). Today I’ll write how to resolve problems with unavailable metrics in Tactcial Dashboards. Below information will also apply to other dashboards.

I have in mind situation when some metrics are unavailable or still show the same information like below screen:


Regarding the different scenarios within the Tactical Dashboard application, data is collected from 2 different Solution Manager scenarios for most of these:
– System and Application Monitoring
– Rootcause Analysis.

For System Monitoring, the metrics which populate the Tactical Dashboard scenarios need to not only be generating alerting in the System Monitoring application for the managed systems, but also be set to send alerting data to BW, which can be confirmed via the Metric Monitor tool in the System Monitoring application for the metric.

For Rootcause Analysis, the DB Analysis application and Workload Analysis application must be configured within the RCA Workcenter for the managed systems/DBs and be collecting data for these systems/dbs to populate the related Tactical Dashboard scenarios.


Please review and complete my above recommendations, and ensure that the required System Monitoring metrics are configured as required in Template Maintenance in the System Monitoring guided procedure via. transaction SOLMAN_SETUP, with the settings stated within: KBA: 2855230 Missing data in Tactical Dashboard – System Monitoring requirements.

Within the System Monitoring metric configuration in Template Maintenance, the following settings need to be applied:
– The send alerting values to netweaver bw needs to be checked/selected;
– The BW granularity needs to set to long;like medium;
– The BI mapping option selected needs to be the default option.

You should confirm in the Metric Monitor tool in the System Monitoring application that data is available for these metrics. Please see the following KBA for reference: 2411606 How to change the Time Frame in the Metric Monitor in Solution manager 7.2.

Please also confirm that the DB Analysis and Workload Analysis applications via the Rootcause Analysis workcenter are configured and are collecting data for the managed systems as per KBAs:
2993583 How to confirm availability of data & validate for the DB Growth scenario in Tactical Dashboards with Focused Insights ST-OST 200.
2993570 How to confirm availability of data & validate for Transactions Performance scenario in Tactical Dashboards with Focused Insights ST-OST 200.

It all comes down to the correct configuration Your satellite systems in SOLMAN_SETUP transaction in section:

  1. Managed System Configuration

Here all steps should be performed. Pay particular attention to steps 4 and 7 (here most of all: ‘Database Extractor Setup‘, ‘Extractors Setup‘ and ‘Introscope Host Adapter‘).

SOLMAN_SETUP – Managed System Configration

2. Application Operations -> System Monitoring

First, You have to completed the above system configuration. If it’s completed You can configure monitoring. Assign appropriate Templates and activate all.

SOLMAN_SETUP – System Monitoring

Please note that all required metrics are enabled. Turn on what you need, e.g.:

At the end recheck the Tactical Dashboard instance. Sometimes You have to wait a few minutes for the data…

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